Now as far as donations go, (contact us on our contact page)               

I'm looking for funds to start a 501c3 non- profit company. Legal zoom can help me, However it's about $600.00 to get the ball rolling.  

All donations go to the needs for the event in way of

     * Starting up of 501c3

     *Hundreds of hand held flags to be passed out to the crowd at both Memorial and 4th of July parades.

     *Transportation of the event to and from the parades. (rental truck is needed) until  which time I can get a pick up just for this event.

     * Cost of website, flyers, mailings, advertising and replacement /adding flag where needed. ( I just added 5 flags at my cost)

At NO time will money be used to pay anyone including myself  from this event.

I have also contacted the Yankee Air Museum if they were to need us for any of their events.

I'd like to see this event in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade too.

So if you have any pull with that let us know!


My Goal is to get a 1950's Classic pick up truck all decked out in the Spirit of America style  to transport everything to the parades. and to use it to transport Veterans in these parades.

Other things for this event is to expand to raise money for local Veteran programs to help our Veterans with their needs.

To start a Classic Car Show called " The American Veteran Classic Car Show"  with all the processed to go to the Veteran Program.

Thanks for stopping by, Please pass this along to friends, family and to  Veterans, Police, Fire and EMS.

***********Donations are needed now for 2017 events.*************


The 50 Flag Salute