"Chelsea Michigan memorial day parade 2016"

To honor our American Veterans.

The 50 Flag Salute

"Because it's the right thing to do!".

   *Created by Raymond Tuck

Hello, a few years ago after reading about my families WWll  hero Thomas Wigle and going to a 4th of July parade up north, I felt "compelled" to come up with something where the American Veterans could be honored by the residents of each city in a very special way.

I got to work on just that, So I came up with "the 50 Flag Salute" one flag for each state of the union. Now I needed our nation's symbol to be incorporated in this event as well. I came up with a lager than life 14 foot wide Bald Eagle sign holding a shield, arrows and small ribbons with each branch of our military and pow/mia.

Now of course all this was going to cost well over 6 hundred dollars and time was running out to have it done by 4th of July 2013. Now I needed to find a way to raise the money fast. So I got to work getting the word out there of my goal to my friends and neighbors because of them I got to people that gave me what I needed to put this together.

I have designed everything from the plan for the 50 poles and toppers, the design and workings for the Eagle, to the way to display the flags by the people watching the parade.

I had only a few weekends to get it complete in time. painting the poles making each topper by hand, drilling the holes for the eye hooks, and cutting out all the eagle parts plus the one large banner and all the small ribbons for the Eagle sign.

The day before I chalked out numbers on the street of the parade route 1-25 on each side of the street, so the next day I knew where each flag would be.

On the morning of, the flags were ready and the people were on the street. I asked people standing by each number if they would hold a flag, they all said Yes.

When the parade started and the color guard came around the bend you should of seen their faces . Priceless, this is why I do this. 

Thank you to all our American Veterans, Service Personnel and First Responders for your service and sacrifice.